Karwa Chauth : A Time To Share Happiness and Feelings

The festival falls on the fourth day of the Hindu luni-solar calendar. ‘Karva’ means pots used to store wheat and ‘chauth’ means the fourth day. This is an important Hindu festival celebrated by married women for safety and long life of their husband. The Karwa Chauth is the symbol of love because it shows the love and care of a wife for her husbands. As this festival is considered very important for married women, all the symbols that reflect the marriage status of a woman are in demand such as jewelry, bangles, henna, sarees, lehenga choli etc. The women’s wears the different items of jewelry like necklace, ring, bracelet, nose pin, toe ring etc. for enhancing her look. Some people say nose pin and toe ring, bangles are the symbol of married women’s and her good luck. The women wear stylish jewelry for looking beautiful. The jewelry and cloth and cosmetics are important for looks beautiful. The Keyline Exim International is the best place where you find the jewelry as per according to your wish and taste. The Karwa Chauth fast is also observed by unmarried women for their desired husband. At Karwa Chauth time the crowd of women is increasing in the market for purchasing the items of Puja like Karwa that means pots, Thali, sieve, Diya and many more and also the things which enhance your appearance. Well, Karwa Chauth is the perfect day to wearing the traditional as well as modern jewelry. Bring out your Maang Tikas, bangles and statement earrings is just enough to complete your look. But if you like accessories, you also wear the Mangal Sutra along with the Sindoor and Bindi, rings, nose pin and many more. At Karwa Chauth night, the women are fully dressed up and waiting for the moon comes out. After the moon comes out she offering the water and see into the sieve and prayer for her husband long life. She has seen her husband into a sieve and the husband offer her food and water and she breaks her fast. This festival is the show the beautiful relationship between the husband and wife and their love or care. This might be difficult for most men but try keeping them fast with your wife. It is then that you will truly appreciate the efforts she takes for you and how much she loves you. The Festivals is a great time for a husband for sharing your feeling with your lovely wife. You share your emotions in the form of gifts. The jewelry is really a good option for gifting purpose because every woman loved the jewelry of every type like the ring, earrings, nose pin etc. The keyline Exim International is really a good advice for sharing feelings in the form of gifts.

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