Karwa Chauth : The Symbol of Love

Karwa Chauth is the traditional and important festival that is celebrated in India. This festival is celebrated all over India. There is also a traditional story that is related to Karwa Chauth. The Veervati is the lovely sister of her seven brothers. After marriage Veervati fast of Karwa Chauth for their husband’s long life. But that was the first Karwa Chauth fast of her. So, she strictly observed the fast at evening and desperately waits for the moon come out. The brothers of Veervati are very sad to look at his lovely sister condition. So, they created a mirror in a peepal tree that made it look like the moon had risen. She thinks the moon rise and broke the fast. After some time she receives a message from a servant her husband is not living. After this news, she cries all night. The god mercury for her and comes out in front of her and giving advice to again do the Karwa Chauth fast. She observes the fast with the full faith and fulfills all the rituals. After that, the better lives her husband. After that, this festival is celebrated for husband’s long life. This festival shows the relationship between the husband and wife and their love and care. Women start the preparation of Karwa Chauth in advance. They purchase new traditional clothes, jewelry and Puja items like Thali, Mehndi and many more. The jewelry plays an important role for her look. They look beautiful when they wear the different types of jewelry like a ring, bracelet, necklace, nose pin, etc. the jewelry completes their appearance beautifully when she stands in front of a crowd. At this festival, the mother-in-law prepares the Sargi for her daughter-in-law. There are lots of items include in Sargi like food, new clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics etc. The Keyline Exim International is the best place where you find the traditional as well as modern jewelry as per your requirements. This is basically the festival of emotions and happiness. She observes the fast for the whole day for her husband long and healthy life. This festival is a great time shows love for your husband. At Karwa Chauth night, Married women who observe Karva Chauth break the fast only after offering prayers to the moon. They will not even drink a glass of water for the entire day until the Puja after seeing Moon into the sky. After the Moon rises in the sky, women offer water to the moon as a part of their prayer and she will see their husband’s faces looking through a sieve. After that husband offers the water and food for her. This festival is a great time to show your feeling and love for your wife who is always praying for your long life. You can express your feeling with the help of gifts. This festival is a great time to giving honor to their love and scarifies. You can gift her many things like clothes, jewelry, etc. The Exim International is a good option for jewelry gifting purpose.

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