Navratri – Lets Worship Maa Shailputri

Navratri is basically a nine-day holy Hindu Festival Celebration across the country. This Festival tells about the nine avatars(forms) of Maa Durga. There are lots of custom are associated with the Celebration of Navratri but the people do not know the hidden things. All nine days of Navatari define the nine colour of life which is dedicated to Maa Durga’s nine avatars(forms). All the nine days of the festival are dedicated to each distinct avatar (forms)of the Maa Durga and each of these days has a significant colour attached to it according to the nine avatars(forms) of Maa Durga. The first day of Navatari is dedicated to Maa Shailaputri. Shailaputri is an avatar of Goddess Durga, who was born in the house of King of Mountain name Parvat Raj Himalaya. The name Shailaputri means the daughter (Putri) of the mountain (shaila).In Shailaputri avatar, they are also known as Devi saati which is married to Lord Shiva and every one called her as aadishakti. Worshipping Goddess Durga in the Maa Shailputri form will help in overcoming any bad effect of the moon. Maa Shailputri most probably like the red color. The red color is the symbol of love. Some people say if you are wearing red color on that day then Lord Maa Shailputri is happy with you and give the blessing to you. That day you are wearing red stone Jewellery. Red stone is an ideal stone for Jewellery pieces. The Demand for Red stone is increased every day in the market because of its clarity, Rarity and also it’s precious and Elegant look. You can easily embed the red stones with many materials like gold, diamond, platinum, silver etc. which increase the beauty of Jewellery. In Navratri, the first preference of girls, women to wear some kind of Royal jewelry, Elegant and Precious Jewellery. The Keyline Exim International fulfill your needs and provide you with every type of Jewellery. This Gorgeous coloured stone Signifies the powerful Emotion of love that’s why the Red stone is very popular in Engagement Rings. The keyline Exim International provides you the unique collection of Engagement Rings. The Red stones are the Symbol of Shine, brightness that’s why it increases your beauty so much. Keyline Exim International has a huge collection of Red stones Jewellery likes Earring, Rings, Bracelet, Pendant, Necklace etc. The Keyline Exim is helping you to share your feeling, emotions with your lovely ones in the form of gifts.

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