Maa Kaalratri : Destroyer Of Negativity

Navratri festival has celebrated the Shakti and source of the life in our universe. There are many vibrant festivals are celebrate in India, the Navratri is the part of those festivals. Navratri is celebrated for worshipped Navdurga and celebrate her victory over evils. The Navratri is the great story of Maa Durga’s nine forms. Devotees call her Navdurga because of her beautiful nine forms. Maa kaalratri is worshiped on the 7th day the of the Navratri. The meaning of Maa kaalratri name is the combination of two words one is kaal meaning death or time and the other is Ratri means night. The whole means of kaalratri is who end the evil and negative energy in the universe. Maa kaalratri is the destroyer of darkness and ignorance. The devotees say the demon is scared to see his kaal in form of Maa kaalratri and run away the place of war. She is the violent form of Maa Parvati. Maa Kalratri is always site on the ass and also ride on it.she has four hands and three eyes. The complexion of Maa kaalrarti is black which signifies the dark night when she kills the demons. Some people say Maa kaalratri is easily impressed with you when you perform all the ritual of Navratri with full faith and emotions. She blesses you a long healthy life and gives the right direction to your life. The pink colour is dedicated to Maa kaalratri. The pink colour cloth is an easy match with any type of jewelry like diamond, silver, platinum, gold etc. In Navratri the first preference of girls to wear the elegant jewelry in which she expresses her personality very beautifully. In Navratri days many devotees are wearing the cloth and jewelry according to colour that is dedicated to that all nine days. The Keyline Exim International is really helpful to provide the jewelry according to the nine days of Navratri. The cloth, sweets, jewelry is the beautiful way to celebrate any festival. Festival is the best way to share your feelings, happiness and your care with your lovely one. It is also a great time to show your care to your lovely mother and giving honor to her. The women always love the jewelry that why jewelry is the best gift for her. The Keyline Exim International always believe in customer satisfaction and give true value to your money.

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