Keyline – Happy New Year To All

Keyline – Happy New Year To All

If we think about the New year, the First thing which comes in the mind why we celebrate New Year on 1 January? In the old times there were lots of confusion about the day on which new year shall be celebrated but finally, in 45 B.C. the problem was solved. 45 B.C was the first year when the new year was celebrated on 1 January.
After that in 46 B.C., Julius Caesar prepared the new solar-based calendar which was totally different from the Roman calendar based on the lunar system. According to this solar calendar, the new year occurs on 1 January, and the Roman empire is also observed the start day of the new year on 1 January. This established the tradition of celebrating the new year on January 1st every year. The new year signifies the beginning of the year. The new year celebrations begin on 31 December which is the last day of the current year and continues on January 1st which is the starting of the new year. New Year is the time and day when a new and current calendar year begins. New Year eve is a popular holiday that is celebrated throughout the world. The children are excited to celebrate new year party whole night and adults are excited to celebrate this new year with their friends after a long time. The New year is celebrated all around the world with lots of joy and happiness.

In the United Kingdom, New Year officially starts with lots of decorations, party, firework, and people excited about the beginning of the new year. Some people celebrate New Year’s Eve by attending midnight church services, while others gather around in public venues like Times Square in New York City or Trafalgar Square in London to countdown for the closing seconds of the previous year. Many people arrange parties to farewell the previous year and to welcome the New Year. This festival is celebrated every year with lots of colorful decorations, lights, gift and many more. In New Year people of various places wear various types of clothes and jewelry because it undoubtedly helps to increase your personality. And we, Keyline Exim International are here to help you out in a choice of beautiful jewelry for beautiful you.

To begin the new year with a fresh start, people of Vietnam and many other cultures wear new clothes. It is considered an energetic and auspicious beginning of the new year. Traditional outfit with the traditional jewelry that called ao dai is wearied. An incredible place to shop for jewelry is Keyline Exim International because here you get the hundred percent real, extraordinary fusion of traditional or contemporary jewelry with good quality.

For New Year’s in the Philippines, the round is all the rage. People greet happy new years and exchange gifts with each other. People always want to gift that item which lasts long because the gift creates memories. There are many gifting options like clothes, Paintings, Flowers, Jewellery and many more. Among all, jewelry is the most suitable gift which is used for a long time because the brightness of jewelry never fades out. Jewelry is used generation by generation. The Keyline Exim International have endless classic jewelry styles that easily match with your style statements. It is an outstanding place for jewelry purchasing and you can get every type of jewelry at a reasonable price. This is the place where you discover every type of Jewellery like precious gold, platinum, valuable diamond, silver and many more.

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